Plumbing Maintenance

You and I cannot carry on long without running water. One of the biggest inconveniences to any resident is the hindrance of water flow in the home. These barriers can be caused by blocked or leaking pipes, broken taps, faulty showers or a burst geyser. What you need is a consistent plumbing team with loads of experience solving with all these issues.


Taps and Fixtures

It always happens at the most inconvenient time, doesn’t it? A tap that breaks can put a halt on your daily activities. If you have kids, you know how frustrating it can be without the use of your taps. Let us come out and repair your taps. We’ve got all the tools and fixtures needed to get your taps and bathroom facilities working properly again.


Geyser Maintenance

Your geyser is your family’s source to hot water. Take care of your geyser. Keep it maintained and prevent the heavy expense of having to replace it later down the line. If you hear a strange sound from your geyser, or if it starts heating water slower than usual, you may need to do a quick repair before something more serious occurs.


Pipe Repairs

If your pipes are leaking, you’re throwing perfectly good water down the drain—and you’re doing the same with your money. Repair leaking pipes by calling the experts. We’ll find the leaks, repair them and prevent your pipes from contracting leaks in the future.


Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs

Basins, sinks, showers, bath, taps and toilets. These are the essential water components necessary to run your home’s hygiene needs. Allow the team at Plumbers All Hours to perform general maintenance on all your kitchen & bathroom needs. We’ll fix your taps, sort out your bathroom facilities and even supply you with the fixtures you need.

We know geysers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today for all your geyser needs.