Geyser Installations

Don’t concern yourself with installing your own geyser. Whether you’re replacing an old geyser or installing a new one from scratch, get it done right. Our experts not only transport your geyser for you, but we’ll install it for you too. Once it’s in, we’ll even set it to your ideal maximum temperature. But where you really see we shine is during our after sales service when it comes to maintenance and repairs.


Delivered and Installed by Experts

Every second person thinks they can install a geyser. That explains the high number of incorrect geyser installations in Johannesburg. It’s always best to get an experienced plumber to handle your geyser installation. Call us to order and install your geyser within the next 24 hours.



Your Geyser Settings

Allow us to set your geyser to an appropriate temperature. This setting will depend on the size of the geyser and how many people use hot water in your home. If you have small children, it’s always best to set your hot water to a lower temperature to prevent serious burns. We do this every day, so feel free to ask our advice.


Geyser Maintenance

As time goes by, your geyser will begin to wear. Prolong the life of your geyser by calling Plumbers All Hours for all your geyser maintenance needs. We’ll check the mechanics of the geyser, the general condition and the pipe network connected to it.


Get in Touch with Us

Talk to us about alternative geyser options. We can assist with the installation of solar geysers if you’re looking to go green. We can also add geysers to your existing plumbing. So, if you’re expanding your home, talk to us about additional geyser placement and logistics.

We know geysers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today for all your geyser needs.